How To Rap

With the industry promoting garbage and shunning genius every second, I feel great to represent the minority of emcees out here who keep striving for elevation. These are some questions that I’ve came across at numerous discussions and still marvel at the responses.
Feel free to comment on any or all questions.
What’s your view on the Hip-Hop Industry?
Do you think Hip-Hop will broaden it’s style again or are we going to see this musical monotony replay itself over and over?
Will future generations of listeners have the chance to hear a more diverse sound of Hip-Hop?
Here’s a song I wrote about this particular subject. Be Yourself and don’t let no one change what you sound like!

Sol Zalez- How to Rap prod. by TCOR

7 responses to “How To Rap

  1. i fuk wit dis heavy bro i feel like we got some artist trynna bring authentic hip hop but we still got a long way dese r 2 artist i relly lyk

  2. Nice track Sol.!!!!Thanks for the drop homie!!

  3. Hip-hop music these days is in a weird setting, you got a current market full of aspiring acts trying to build a name, and with the new fashions of technology enabling artists to creat music easier and more visable via the internet to the world. You got all kinds of styles generating and coming about. I hope to see hip-hop go back to its roots with some elements of evolution and change. More artists need to support the other artists who are making moves, and the ones who are making moves need to support the underdogs that will prosper in this industry with their help via cross promoting. The future for hip-hop seems brighter than it did a few years back but the test of time is still sure to prove all.

  4. The industry is fine….industry does as it does……manufacture and buy and selll. Ect….those who control this said hip hop industry did not create it. They only want to expliot it for profit….i believe that hip hop at is foundation is still solid….but its the crap thats built on top of that foundation thats weak and hopefully will collapes like a deck of cards…so that a real building can stand again in its place. .respectfully built by hip hop engineers who wont cut corners for profit and built a shabby house for us reall lovers of the culture can rest or weary heads. And hip hop can grow old and have more chilren and live happily ever after……….the. end

  5. Keep the REAL HIP HOP ALIVE SOL!!!! much luv brotha…1

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