Phonenzix Jam sessions un-earthed…

If you didn’t know by now, I’m a musician at heart. After writing my first rap, I decided to practice the guitar nonstop to eventually play and rap at he same time.

After the release of Kolture Konserving, I put together my first band and I knew then what I wanted to do,form the baddest Hip-Hop band ever!
The record company I was with really didn’t agree to the same vision I had,so I parted ways and linked up with some really talented guys that were from my local area. We clicked instantly and Phonenzix was created.

After a few years and many shows, the band broke up and that was that, until a few months ago when a CD was found with all these rough jam sessions we did back in 2003-04. Enjoy this find and leave your feedback.. If anyone has footage or music please reach out to me,I would love to see and hear it! Peace

2 responses to “Phonenzix Jam sessions un-earthed…

  1. I love it the sound the lyrics! Why we didn’t do this when I was up there I love it!

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