My Top 5 Favorite Marvel characters

Hey wassup Bloggers. During the past month, I was surprised to find a large community of Hip-Hop/comic enthusiasts so naturally I had to post my Top 5 favorites. Compare to your list and leave some feedback with your top picks.

5. Mr. Fantastic(Reed Richards)

The Brains behind the Fantastic Four is at the bottom of my list. As one of the smartest mutants/human in the Marvel Universe, as well as an elastic body that can become anything he wishes, how can you go wrong with him. His team the Fantastic Four gets an honorable mention from me only because they were part of many famous Marvel Universe Battles.

4. Wolverine (Logan)

This character been on more Top 5 lists than the Rolling Stones and again he made this one at number four. With razor sharp claws that can cut through metal like hot butter, a kick-ass healing factor, and an attitude to go along with his top notch fighting skills, Wolverine has been a crowd favorite since his arrival in 1974. The movies, in my opinion, still haven’t represented Wolverine the right way. Let’s see in the future what they have for him.

3. Magneto (Eric Lehnsherr)

This got to be my all time favorite villain of the Marvel Universe. He’s regarded as one of the most powerful  mutants in comics and for good reason. With a mastery of magnetism under his control, Magneto’s been a threat to countless superheroes for decades now, and even today his reign is still easily visible.

2. The Incredible Hulk (Bruce Banner)

How can he not be in the Top 5? The Hulk been bashing buildings and mutants since the 60’s. With his unlimited strength potentials, regeneration, and resistance to mind-control, Hulk is at many times, one of the hardest mutants to put down. And when  I say put down, it usually just means  calming the Hulk down before he destroys the planet entirely. He’s the guy that beat up Onslaught for the record. New Avengers Movie to be released in 2012.

1. Silver Surfer (Norrin Radd)

Here’s my number one favorite Marvel character all-time!! The Silver Surfer is noted as being one of the strongest overall mutants ever! and I agree 100%. Wielding the “Power Cosmic” Silver Surfer can almost do anything he pleases. No Earth bound mutant can defeat him single handed (maybe Franklin Richards can do it!) and he can use his same Power Cosmic to augment all his attributes to unknown levels.. Pretty bad-ass if you ask me!

Well that concludes this posts. I hope you enjoyed my picks and let me know your Top 5 Marvel characters!!  other honorable mentions include: Spider-man, Professor X, Thanos, Thor, Super-Skrull, Gambit, Punisher, Ghost-rider, Cable, Doctor Strange, Onslaught, and The Eternals.

17 responses to “My Top 5 Favorite Marvel characters

  1. Nice blog Sol…Here’s my top 5…
    5. Quicksilver
    4. DareDevil
    3. Cyclops
    2. Hawkeye
    1. Pheonix
    (I like the Marvel Groups better than the individual characters)
    I’m also a TeenTitans/JLA fan

  2. Cool list. Silver Surfer happens to be my favorite as well.

    1. Silver Surfer
    2. Doctor Doom
    3. Ghost Rider
    4. Venom
    5. Wolverine

  3. Your list is cool bruh. Though my top 5 is a lil’ different.
    5.Punisher: a former soldier determined to eradicate anyone he thinks is evil scum with a barrage of weaponry and a killer instinct.
    4.Black Widow: a beautiful and deadly spy and assassin who has intel on anyone with or without superhuman abilities. Luckily,she’s 1 of the good guys.
    3.Black Panther: it isn’t everyday you see someone whup Captain America’s ass,marry the sexiest X-Man ever,run a kingdom that’s more technologically advanced than Japan and have a contingency plan for if Galactus ever decides to devour the Earth.
    2.Shang-Chi: son of Fu Manchu, this man was trained since childhood in every form of martial arts known to man. He’s also the only guy who’s ever kicked Ol’ Logan’s ass into frustration.
    1.Ghost Rider: the first superhero in comic book history who fights the Devil on a daily basis withe the same powers that the Devil imbued him with and by using his penance stare,he’s the only guy I’ve ever seen drop Galactus cold.

  4. I dig your list, although I don’t see how Spidey can be left off it. I like everybody on the list except Mr. Fantastic; brilliant as hell, a veritable super-duper genius; but nothing fantastic about him outside of Sue Richards (hey, why wasn’t she on the list, she’s hotter than Torch!).

    Anyone who puts the man from Zenn-La on top of any list, can be my herald any day! Great choice…who else would do? No one. You should mentioned something though. And that is this: not only is Norrin Radd potentially more powerful than power itself, he’s also the most noble being who has ever lived…anywhere!

    Good list.

  5. i’m a huge fans of marvel,anddoes anyone here know when the new incredible hulk will be release ?i wanna see hulk vs the Hulked out shark !

  6. I am a huge “comic geek”. I read easily around 20 comics or more in a week, and 95% of them are Marvel. If you do actually read Marvel comics, they explain the difference between the “super classifications” you guys are talking about. One group are called mutants and the other are super humans. Mutants are born with the X-Gene, which normally manifests during puberty releasing their mutant ability. Super Humans are regular people who have had something happen to them to give them their power. In the case of Reed Richards and the Fantastic Four, it was the cosmic blast that gave them their powers. The Silver Surfer, it was Galactus that gave him his powers which came with the board.

    Anyways, here are my favorite Marvel characters:

    1.) Deadpool
    2.) Magneto
    3.) X-23
    4.) Punisher
    5.) Incredible Hulk

  7. Oh and da hulk aint either!!!!!!!!


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