Artwork vol.1

All my life there’s been Music and Art surrounding me and lately I’ve taken a dive back into the visual arts to fill my creative hunger. Here’s the first installment of some of my pieces.. I wanna give a shoutout to Poor Kingz Art Group, Boom Skwad. LTD, Komar,and all the artists, graf writers, and photographers that gave me advice and artistic direction along the way.. Peace

Hip Hop 20″ x 19″  (lead and ink)

(Weed Rose) 12” x 24” acrylic, ink, and marker




“Know Thyself” acrylic and marker on canvas  16″ x 20″

(Robot in Relief #1) 15 1/2” x 22 3/4”  acrylic, aerosol, and oil

(Abstract Wildstyle blue/yellow) 24” x 31” marker and aerosol

(Olmec Head #1) 12” x 24” ink, lead, and marker

Rabbit Ear TV draft (lead & ink)


Weapon-x stencil aerosol and marker 20″ x 20″

5 responses to “Artwork vol.1

  1. Oh my! All of these are delightfully interesting; Weed Rose is my favorite, it’s awesome! You are such a talented and gifted multi-artist. You are truly an urban legend in the making.

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