Sol Zalez is unquestionably one of the most admirable  Hip-Hop recording artists in our recent times. The New Jersey native has been stirring up the underground circuits throughout the East Coast, entertaining  crowds with his cleverly- devised lines and charismatic stage performances, his style is a continuation of the Conscience-minded, Street sound once prevalent in the Hip Hop culture.

The development of his unique style is the result of a lifetime of musical and environmental influences. Growing up in a talented musical family meant that Sol was always surrounded by different forms of music constantly. His father and his grand-father are outstanding guitarist in their own rights as well as luthiers and this was his first exposure to a wealth of music as a child, all of which influenced his originality greatly.
His first journey into learning an instrument himself came when he started to play the piano at just 8 years old. Later he began to write rhymes, which he continued with for two years before finally picking up a guitar at the age of 14, a decision which he never looked back from. After leaving high school to attend the Institute of Audio Research at 17, Sol’s style began to develop rapidly, eventually leading him to help co-develop with Guiness Stout, the group Forbidden Chapters in 1999.

Sol’s debut album “Kolture Konserving” dropped in the early summer of 2002 receiving an awesome reception throughout the States and Europe. In 2004, he started his first Hip Hop band called Phonenzix to great reviews in the NJ/NYC/Ct areas. The next album released was in 2010 with the Custodian of Records titled “Jersey” paying homage to his home state and the energies of the times. On November 11th 2011(11-11-11), the third full length album Reisende was released for free download. 2012 brought in the Negative FeedBack EP and a collaborative project with fellow Jersey emcee Tone Liv called “Only Dead Fish Go With The Flow”.  Currently, Sol is working on projects with TameOne from the Artifacts (Black Galactus & Latino Silver Surfer) the producer GooMar (Lou Gonzo) and Light the MC (Secret Scientists).     You can find and follow Sol Zalez Music on:                   Twitter (@solzalez)                                                                                                                                 YouTube @                                                                     and preview the albums @

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